Analyse your practice performance visually to get a better understanding of core KPIs and other key metrics.

Used with other information in our data toolkit, you can track and benchmark the success of specific campaigns ranging from vaccination amnesties, selling more diets or increasing the numbers of animals provided with flea and wormer treatments.

A graph details how many active animals have been seen per month and this figure is shown as a percentage of the total number of active animals on your register. A breakdown table tracks month by month the number of consults, type of treatment and the amount of consumables sold. This is then shown as a percentage of animals, compared to the total number of animals having been to the practice at least once in the last 12 months

Responding to requests from our client base, the KPI’s area and all activities will continue to be an evolving ‘work in progress’. This enables us to develop, provide and maintain the key information you require to track and benchmark, as the veterinary industry continues to advance.